ESN Twente Matchmaker services are happy to take your Christmas sociability to the next level. We understand like no other that the current times are challenging so we want to allow for some holiday magic. By participating in this event you have the opportunity to put a smile on a stranger's face by exchanging a Christmas cards with some warmth and holiday feeling inside.  
Let's do it together and make this time of the year truly wonderful.

So, how does it work?

1. Fill in your details here:
     No need to be ESN member to participate.
2. Then on the 14th of December you are going to receive your match via email;
3. You have time until the 21st of December to send your card to your matched person. 

N.B. Please do not forget it and share the responsibility of making the holidays so fun and awesome. 
Or Santa will not give you anything this Christmas!

Tip 1: Buy your card before matching day!
Tip 2: Should you live close to your match deliver it to their mailbox yourself.
Tip 3: Help spread the word and share this initiative with your friends and groups. 

📣 F.A.Q. 📣

- "I changed my mind and I don't want to participate anymore!"
Please, send an email to external[at] to get deleted from the list of participants. 

- "I lost or did not get my match, what do?" 
Please, send an email to external[at] We will remind you on the 21th too."

- "I did not get any card!"
Please, let us know about it after the 28th of December, so we can solve the problem. You will get a card for sure :)

- "Who is sending me a card?"
You will be matched with another random participant. This means that you will receive a card from someone else than your match. 

- "Why can't I participate from my country ?"
Choosing select countries was a very hard decision to make, but we need to be able to stay one top and manage this exchange properly.

- "Oops, I forgot to send a card!"
You are now considered naughty by Santa and you have proven to be irresponsible even during Christmas time ☹️But please do, let us know about it please.

- "What about my privacy?"
We will share your data only with your match and will save your name and email in case you want our newsletter ☺️!

- "How do I know the email I receive is real?"
Once we match all participants a digest hash will be generated and published on our website. Compare that to that hash in the email. 

Let's gooo !!!