Do you want to join one of the biggest international student networks in the world? Do you want to encounter people from foreign cultures and make friends from all corners of the planet? Do you want to make the best from your time in university and enjoy fun activities like international dinners, sporting events, cultural events, and more? Then become a member of ESN Twente!

You can become an ESN member at any time. Come to the ESN Twente office (De Hems 10, Bastille Room 204A, 7522NL, Enschede) and talk to our active members. We are open from Monday to Friday from 1600-1800.

It only takes three simple steps:

​1. Fill in the membership form we give you (click here to go to the form and register!)
​2. Get your ESNcard (10 euros, valid for 1 year)
​3. Fill in your personal details on the ESNcard (the card is only valid once all fields have been filled in and a photo has been added)

Done! You are officially a member of the Erasmus Student Network now!

​The fun doesn't stop there. Becoming an ESN member has numerous benefits for both international and national (Dutch) students. You can get discounts on ESN related events, as well as at shops, bars, clubs, cafes, local partners, national partners, and international partners (deals all over Europe which other ESN sections offer). Register your ESNcard on to activate your card and receive all the discounts!

What are you waiting for? Join us! 

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