ESN Twente local partner - Subway Bastille at the University of Twente UTwente

ESN Twente is proud to present Subway Bastille as our very own local partner.

​Subway is now also available in the Athrium area inside the Bastille building on the campus of the University of Twente. Enjoy a delicious sandwhich & salad and benefit from the deals provided by ESN Twente. What do you have to do? Every ESN member can benefit from this deal. Just show your valid​ ESNcard and this webpage with the deal at the cashier before ordering and you will get the deal! ESN Twente provides you with the following deals at Subway Bastille:

Sandwich platter special
Normally, a sandwich platter of "5x a 30cm Sub" at take away will cost you €21,60! A normal sandwich platter has 4x a 30cm Sub, so with this deal you will get an additional 1x 30cm sub for FREE!

30cm subs special
This deal is valid from 17:00 - 19:00! Special prizes for 30cm Subs!

  • 1 for €5,50
  • 2 for €10
  • 3 for €14

*Not included: premium subs, wraps and salads

Buy 2 pay 1 sub special 
For this deal, you can get vouchers at the ESN Twente office (Bastille room 204A). You will have to show your valid​ ESNcard and you will get the voucher for FREE!

These deals are valid for all 30cm Subs. There is also the option to get coffee or thee for just €1 when ordering at Subway Bastille.

Information about Subway Bastille:
Address: De Hems 10, 7522NL, Enschede, NLD                           

Monday 9AM-7PM
Tuesday 9AM-7PM
Wednesday 9AM-7PM
Thursday 9AM-7PM
Friday 9AM-7PM
Saturday 12-6PM

​If you have any problems or questions about the deals, feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page or the contact form.

ESN Twente local partner - Subway Bastille at the University of Twente UTwente