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Kick-In 2017: Find Your Rhythm
The Kick-In is the introduction period of the University of Twente. The Kick-In is the perfect opportunity to discover the university, the campus and the city of Enschede and all other aspects of your student life. You also have the opportunity to arrange all the formalities necessary for your time in the Netherlands. The Kick-In 2017 will take place from Wednesday the 23rd of August until Thursday the 31st of August​. The Bachelor Kick-In starts from August 23rd and the Master Kick-In starts from August 27th. You can sign up for the Kick-In from the 1st of June. You can find the programme of the Kick-In here. Do you have questions? Check the FAQ or send an email to!

The Pick-Up service
The Pick-Up service is a service that entails picking up Kick-In participants at Schiphol, guiding them to Enschede (via train), and at Enschede drive them to their desired locations. When participants arrive at Schiphol ESN will have volunteers ready, welcoming you and helping you find your way to Enschede. We will guide you to the right train platform, at which the train to Enschede stops. Once every hour there is a direct train to Enschede; we will make sure every participant boards the right train. At arrival in Enschede, shuttles of ESN will be standing by to bring you, along with your luggage, to your desired destination. This can be UT campus, ITC hotel, Stadsweide or somewhere else in the city.

White star Facebook emoticon​ Date: August 26th (deadline for application is August 16th - this is a hard deadline)
White star Facebook emoticon​ Your arrival time: 06:00 - 23:00 (we preferred that participants arrive after 06:00 and until 19:00 at the latest, this to arrange everything on time and it will else get too late in the evening - train travel takes 2,5h.)
White star Facebook emoticon​ Location: Schiphol Airport
White star Facebook emoticon​​ Pick-up service participation fee: €20
White star Facebook emoticonHow to participate: to use the pick-up service you can sign up when signing in for the Kick-In. You should fill in your arrival time and flight number, so we know when you want to be picked up!

You can also find more information about the pick-up service here:

Sign up as a participant and experience the international student life at the University of Twente.
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UPDATE: Now with a SUBWAY voucher giveaway for every new mentor recommended by you! Sign up now as a new mentor and recommend others to become a mentor as well. The student you recommended to sign up as a mentor for the master Kick-In should fill your name in the "Comments" section. Then you can come by the Kick-In office in the Bastille building to get your free voucher!

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Kick-In Introduction days University of Twente ESN Twente Pick-up service