Find the answers to the most common questions that international students have:

  • Where can I find accommodation?

Finding housing is one of the most important things for students who study abroad. To make this process easy and to make sure that you find the perfect place to live, we have written an ESN Housing Guide with useful links, tips and tricks.

  • Do I need a bike?

Even though there are buses in Enschede, the bike is the easiest way to get around. Especially since most buses don't operate in the evening. In addition, cycling is deeply imbedded into the Dutch culture and you really shouldn't miss out on that. Keep your eyes open for second-hand bikes on social media (e.g. University of Twente Marketplace), check out SwapFiets or get a bike during the Kick-In. 

  • How can I find friends when I study abroad?

Although everybody worries about this before going abroad, there is zero reason for concern. After your arrival in Enschede, the Kick-In is your first chance to meet new people. You will spend some amazing days in groups of students from all over the world and get to know the university, Enschede and each other. These groups are known for creating long-lasting friendships, so make sure to sign up! If you can't attent the kick-in or if you want to meet more people, ESN is another great choice. Our international Erasmus student network unites students in diversity. We organize awesome activities all throughout the year, for example international dinners, sporting events, city trips and many more. It is the perfect chance to get to know people and make friends from all over the world! You can learn more about becoming an ESN member here. Finally, there are various associations located on campus. You can choose whatever you are interested in, the clubs and associations range from sports and culture to business, religion and many more. What better way to bond with new people than over common interests?

  • Where can I buy food?

The most common supermarkets in Enschede are called Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, Aldi and Emte. There is also a Coop supermarket on campus, which is really handy! Usually the nearest supermarket should only be a few minutes away. Alternatively, there are great restaurants in the city centre (Happy Italy is an all-time student favourite!). Most places accept cards as well!

  • How can I pay while living in the Netherlands?

Debit cards, like Maestro cards, usually work everywhere. Finding places that accept international credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc.) can be a struggle, that is why you should open a local bank account, just to be safe. The most common choices for banks are Rabobank, ING and ABN AMRO. During the formality market of the kick-in, you can get help with this and open an account on the spot. Otherwise you can easily schedule an appointment with one of the banks at a later time!

  • What if I get sick?

If you fall ill while staying in Enschede, there is a doctor on campus where students can easily register. This will be done during the formality market of the kick-in or online. There is also an on-campus dentist!

  • Can I work or do an internship while studying in Enschede?

Very often this depends on your visa or residence permit, so make sure you check in those regulations whether you are allowed to work. In terms of internships, there are lots of companies from different fields that are located on and around campus, e.g. Kennispark, where you can look for internship opportunities. Some also collaborate for thesis projects. Alternatively, there are associations like Integrand or UniPartners that connect students with organizations based on their needs and wishes.

  • Do I need healthcare insurance?

 This depends on various aspects such as your natioanlity and your intent to work in the Netherlands. You can find more information here.

  • I am already a member of my local/a different ESN section. Is my membership/card also valid at ESN Twente or do I have to become a member again?

As long as your ESN card has not expired (it is only valid for one year), we don't require you to become a member at ESN Twente as well. The ESN number on your card is a unique ID throughout the global ESN network, so all the benefits are the same. 

  • How is ESN different from other associations?
ESN is a fully international network that is open to everybody. There are other associations that focus on students from a specific culture as well. You can find an overview on the website of the Student Union here. Additionally, our friends from the Buddy project might be an option if you wish to learn more about the Dutch culture. You will be assigned a "buddy" that goes to events with you and is there for all of your questions!
  • What if I have problems like mental health problems, issues with other students, loneliness etc.?

The University of Twente offers counselling and a psychology service, which is free to use and completely confidential. You should not be afraid to go to the so-called Red Desk to seek help. Find all the information here