You have noticed it, right? Rainy days, longer bike rides and the extra hour that you had to sleep on Saturday... Winter is getting closer, and we at ESN Twente want you to be prepared for the Dutch cold.

What a better way to do it than to go Ice Skating together? As you move around with your skates, trying not to fall and to show your innate artistic skills. you will engage with the winter atmosphere and embrace the arrival of the cold. Who cares if it is cold or not anymore, when you can be flipping and dancing around with your extra 10 cm new feet.

Come to get introduced to the winter with your buddies and get some funny moments to help you be warm for the coming months. We will also have some free Hot Chocolate at the end in order to warm down and share our experiences :)

The event is done in collaboration with the awesome people of the Buddy Program. 

❄️Please bring your SCARVES, GLOVES and CAPS with you. It will get pretty cold in the ice-skating ring❄️


For ESN Members / Buddy Program Members / Members of Both:

1. 3.50€ only if you DON’T WANT to rent skates.

2. 7.50 € if you ALSO WANT TO rent skates also.

For NON-Members:

1. 5.25€ only if you DON’T WANT to rent skates.

2. 11.25€ if you ALSO WANT TO rent skates also. 

(Please do the payment by FRIDAY 9TH NOV so we can do the reservations)


You may PAY BY CASH at the ESN Twente Office (Bastille 3rd Floor Room 319) during office hours (Weekdays anytime between 12:45 and 13:30)


You may pay by DIRECT DIGITAL BANK TRANSFER into our bank account. 

Our bank account number is as follows NL61ABNA0592398056.

When transferring money it’s is MANDATORY to mention the following in the description:

Your First Name, Last Name and your Membership (ESN / BUDDY / BOTH / NONE)

EXAMPLE description for Direct Digital Bank Transfer:

Aditya Pappu (BOTH)


1. You can meet us at the UNIVERSITY LETTERS at 19:30 and we will cycle together to Ijsbaan Twente


2. You can come there directly at 20:00. Google Maps Link: (Colosseum 90, 7521 PT Enschede)

If you have any questions, drop us a message or come by our office (Bastille 3rd Floor Room 319) on weekdays between 12:45 and 13:30.

Tot ziens :)

12/11/2018 - 20:00 to 13/11/2018 - 19:45
Meeting Point: 
University Letters
Colosseum 90
7521 PT Enschede
7.50€ (11.25€ for non-members, cheaper option available if you don't want to skate)
What's included: 
  • Entry
  • Skates (if chosen)
  • A hot beverage of choice
  • Everyone is invited.