We love our job, but soon it will be time for us to hand over ESN Twente to a new group of people who are creating and shaping the University's community of international students. Therefore, we are looking for you!!
ESN is an international organisation with local sections in many big univiersities all over Europe which brings together people from everywhere. Our section at the UT - ESN Twente - was founded to make sure all the international students and especially exchange students have a memorable and enjoyable time here in Enschede. If you like to bring together people, if you like to organise events, make some cool posters or also if you just like to experience a board with a great mission, you can apply with your CV and a little motivation letter! If you still have questions left, it doesn't matter how stupid/difficult/obvious they are, just come to the office and we hope we can help you.

You can als always shoot us a message on facebook or via pr@esntwente.nl and we can answer you all your question! Spread the word!!

Lots of love,

ESN Twente Board 17/18

POINT (5.291266 52.132633)
20/08/2018 - 23:45
  • Everyone is invited.
  • Everyone is invited.