Cybersecurity Conference for n00bs

Have you ever thought that you have been hacked?
Find out for sure on the 29th of April! And bring your insecure friend!

In this age of social distancing and curfews, being constantly online is the new norm. Over four billion people got access to the Internet in early 2020. Internet security is an aspect of this digital evolution that is often neglected and misunderstood. Living up to our ESN motto “students helping students”, we want to help understand the subject and provide you with the tools to be safe online.

We present: The ESN Cybersecurity Conference 1.0 for Noobs!

To achieve our goal we found some amazing people, straight from the industry, to speak to us about their expertise. We challenged them to break down the concept of “Cybersecurity” in a way that everyone can comprehend. As it turns out, they are up to the challenge and are excited to do four great keynote presentations. Not curious yet? Check out the speaker list below and learn about their backgrounds. They are awesome. And you have the chance to win a privacy friendly prize for what you have learned!

Keep in mind that the opinions expressed are personal and that they do not reflect those of employers.

The conference takes place on 29th of April at 18:00 Amsterdam time.
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Time Topic  Speaker
18:00 Meet and Greet ESN Twente
18:15 The five biggest failures I've seen with companies I've worked with.

Seth Kirschner

18:50 The Human Element in Cybersecurity

Dr. Marlon Atherton

19:25 How to project yourself at home ?
And a special opportunity for a short “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session with a hacker.

Rene Bisperink 

20:00 Cybersecurity, how to get shit done yourself today! Drs. Yahya Algehaili
20:30 Discussion: CovidPassport Thomas (ESN)
21:00 inSecurity Quiz with Prizes ESN Twente



Seth Kirschner (USA)
I am a security engineer, AVP with MUFG Securities Americas Inc. I oversee application and data security in my role for my business unit. Prior to joining MUFG Securities Americas, I worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP for 2 years as an infrastructure security consultant, and a cyber innovation/tech scouting team leader. Before entering the cyber industry, I spent 2.5 years as the co-founder and COO of Mira Therapeutics, a digital health tech startup for trauma sufferers. Outside of work I'm actively involved in nonprofits, and enjoy spending time outdoors skiing, hiking and running. I graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Technology.
Connect with Seth: Twitter | LinkedIn | Personal Website

Dr. Marlon Atherton (USA)
Dr. Marlon Atherton is a driven, motivated, and transformational leader with an earnest passion to serve people and God’s purposes. He has served honorably in the United States Army as an Enlisted Soldier, Warrant Officer and an Officer. As a decorated combat veteran, Dr. Atherton uses his background to complement his leadership strategy. Dr. Atherton is the President and Founder of ATEAM Solution Services based in the United States. ATEAM has 20 years of experience supporting the digital business transformation for large and small companies across several industries. ATEAM focuses on risk reduction and is grounded in fusing business and technology ‘know how’ with cyber risk assessments, and threat intelligence to help clients reduce overall cyber risks associated with their digital business transformation by an average of 30%. He is a published author for influential online publications such as, CEO World, Thrive Global and Thought Leader Ethos. Dr. Atherton loves spending time and travelling with his family.
Connect with Dr Marlon: Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Personal Website

René Bisperink (Netherlands)
ReneEthical hacker and Security assessor for Kiwa Fire Safety and Security Products.  Kiwa is a worldwide market leader in  certification, inspection, testing, training and consultancy services.  Rene is mainly involved with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile applications, web applications and all sorts of other related aspects.  He spends his free timing thinkiering and thinking about the most catastrophic scenarios. 


Connect with Rene:  LinkedIn 

Drs. Yahya Algehaili (Netherlands)
Drs. Yahya Algehaili, proud alumni of the University of Amsterdam, and Utrecht University, has his roots in cognitive neuroscience but has been active in IT and technology for over a decade. He would describe himself as a very enthusiastic and social nerd with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. He enjoys working on all kinds of tech and consumer orientated solutions and has a broad knowledge and skill set to achieve the best result. Likewise, he has elaborate experience with (web)development, IT in the healthcare sector, and in Virtual Reality and 360 applications. Furthermore, he is currently the head of R&D at Bike Labyrinth, which is leading in offering interactive virtual bike tours, intended for people for whom a bike ride outside is no longer an option. Bike Labyrinth is a simple concept that greatly increases the joy of exercising and thus contributes to quality of life.  What is more, Yahya is also involved in many freelance projects as a project lead, developer, producer, and consultant with his own company, Green Circlewith clients such as the Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht, Gemeente Den Haag and many more. Outside of all nerdy stuff, Yahya is enthusiastically involved in ESN Utrecht and ESN the Netherlands and is currently the National IT coordinator.

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29/04/2021 - 18:00 to 21:45
  • Everyone is invited.
  • Everyone is invited.