We proudly present the 29th board of ESN Twente. This group of five dedicated international students is committed to bringing students from all over the world together in exciting activities during the academic year 18/19. Get to know them and their positions here or meet them in person during ESN events or by dropping by during office hours (MO-FR, 12:45-13:30) for a nice cup of coffee and a chat!

President - Meike

"My name is Meike but all my international friends that cannot pronounce my name call me Mei. I am the president of ESN Twente for one main reason: I believe that going abroad is one of the most life-changing experience a young person can have and I want to contribute to unite all of us international students here in Twente to share, exchange and enrich each others journeys. It is beautiful to see how we are all so different and yet have so many things in common. With passion I stand in for intercultural exchange and the personal development it brings. My personal goal is to see international students that look back on their exchange in The Netherlands with a smile and a list of new experience and also friends. 
I am a  travel-soul myself and I am always up for a good chat about my backpacking adventures. When I am not in class, the ESN office or at work you can find me laying on the couch daydreaming about saving the world but I probably could not hear you because I use my headphones way too loud. Occasionally you can also find me in the gym or on the yoga matt. 
My cheesy and odd life-guiding sayings are: Leave your fears behind and keep your dreams alive. In case I would forget them, I got them tattooed on my arms.  If there is anything you would like to know about me or what I do with ESN Twente please swing by the office for a chat!"


Treasurer - Sieve

"Hey, my name is Sieve and I’m an exchange student from Melbourne studying Chemical Engineering. As the sitting treasurer of ESN Twente I look after the associations fiscal policy. I’ve been here since February 2018 on an year long program to immerse myself in the Dutch cultural experience. It has been an exciting time with plenty of thrills and spills. I’m pretty easy going, love to boogie and travel to unknown parts of the world. You can always catch me for a chat in the office as I tend to be there more times than I anticipate sigh haha. Despite the hours it’s been extremely rewarding and pleasurable to meet so many likeminded students looking to broaden their perspective and meet new people."



Activity Coordinator - Aditya

"I am Aditya and I am the activity coordinator for the coming year. My tasks involve brainstorming, planning, executing and reviewing activities for the year 2018-19. I am a Master's student in Sustainable Energy Technology under the faculty of Engineering Technology. I'm a nerd, worship Sheldon Cooper and love getting lost in the world of books and flying brooms (hint: Potterhead). Even though I'm an introvert, I become a total chatterbox when it comes to education, philosophy, events and books. Sometimes economics too. In my free time, you'll find me exploring new places, trekking, stargazing or just roaming about a forest with my camera."



External Affairs, Marketing & PR Coordinator - Laura

"My name is Laura and I am the External Affairs Coordinator and PR & Marketing Manager of the ESN Board 18/19. I am responsible for communicating with different stakeholders, extending the ESN network, managing ESN's social media accounts and the website, as well as announcing events and creating promotional material. At the same time I am somehow completing my Masters in Communication Science. I love travelling and foreign languages, and eversince studying abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand has had a special place in my heart which is why I never fail to bring it up in conversations. After my time abroad, I've missed the feeling of being in an exchange network and was super enthusiastic when I discovered ESN! I believe that living in a foreign country is one of the most educational experiences you can have and I am determined to help others to have the time of their life in Enschede as well! In my free time, I am into photography, reading, late-night documentaries and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest (when I am not looking at flights that is)."


Secretary - Jaume

"Hoi Hoi! I am Jaume, a Spanish master student of Engineering Psychology at the University of Twente and intern at a International Marketing company in Amsterdam. I grew up in Valencia, became a member of the erasmus community in Italy and learnt how to bear the cold in Iceland. In the meantime, I have been a team member of the Red Cross, played different sports, travelled around the world and made friends from all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities. Since I am a very active and curious person, I always have new projects in mind and I enjoy life through music, sports, reading and, especially, people. I think that Enschede and, especially, the UT, is a place full of possibilities, and my motivation is to try to make the most of our experience here and make this journey unbeliveable."