We have seven positions divided over six people in the board of ESN Twente. However, there is always room to negotiate depending on the interests of the new board. We will make sure everyone is happy!

Let's go through them!

1. Activity Coordinator

Dinah is our current activiy coordinator. She is responsible for all the events of ESN Twente which means together with the activity committee she brainstorms cool events, books and stays in contact with external partners who organise the national and international trips.

2. PR & Marketing Coordinator

Emily is our current PR and she is responsible to provide all the promotional material of the events that Dinah planned. Yes, this means she had to get a bit into graphic design. This is the position with a lot of room for creativity. Furthermore, she and her PR committee are taking care of the facebook site, instragram and the website.

3. Treasurer

Ralph is our current treasurer. He administrates the money and approves the plans from Emily and Dinah for the acitvity and promotion plan. 

4. President & local representative

Of course every group needs someone to guide them and this is currently Nora. She is the one who keeps and overview of what everyone is doing. She prepares the agendas and chairs the meetings. Furthermore, she is the local representative of ESN Twente, which means she represents our section in national and international meetings with people from other ESN sections as well as makes sure the rest of the board always knows what are the current developments in the network.

5. Vice president & secretary

Chaja is our current vp and secretary. She is in charge of the office, the mailbox and of course the minutes. She also makes the biweekly newsletter and keeps our calendar up to date. Furthermore, she represents ESN Twente in moments when Nora is absent. This position allows for a lot of room for your own ideas.

6. External Affairs Coordinator

Lastly, we have an external affairs coordinator. This was done by Raluca this year. She represented ESN Twente in meetings at the University, often accopanied by the president or vice president and manages communication to external parties. Furthermore, the external sets up partner- and sponsorships so we have enough money to also have free events for our students or buy them some nice souvenirs.


We will present these positions also again at the interest lunch. If you can't come, you are very welcome to also email each of us directly or message us on facebook! Or just pass by our office any lunchbreak!