Oude Markt Enschede

Get to know Enschede!

Enschede is a city in the east of the Netherlands, in the Twente region in the province of Overijssel. It is located near the German border, with Gronau being just on the other side. West of the city, you find the town of Hengelo. If you want to visit Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and other Dutch cities, you can easily take the train; for most destinations you travel for less than 2 hours!

Approximately 160,000 people live here, that is not even a fifth of Amsterdam’s population! That does not mean that it is boring to live here: the city regularly hosts festivals and the Oude Markt (Old Market Square, see photo) is usually where you go for events, live music, drinks or other activities! During Christmas time, the city centre is transformed into Winter Wonderland with festive lights and an ice skating rink. A must-see! There are also great opportunities to go shopping, since there a several modern shopping centres where you can find most of the big brands, but also alternative, small shops!

Like every other Dutch city, Enschede is very bike-friendly, which makes it easy to get around. If you are feeling lazy or the weather is not looking too good, you can opt to take the bus instead!

Enschede is home to the world-famous Grolsch beer, which is brewed just outside the city! If you are more into sports, you should definitely check out FC Twente. The local football club has its stadium five minutes away from campus: the perfect activity after classes!

Enschede has two institutions of higher education. The first one is the University of Twente, one of four technical universities in the Netherlands and the only large-campus university in the country. In 2018, UT was chosen as the Best Technical University! About 10,000 students pursue studies like engineering, computer science and mathematics, as well as communication, business administration, psychology and many more!

The other institution is Saxion University of Applied Science (Saxion Hogeschool). It has one of its three campuses in Enschede and it offers more than 100 courses in various fields, like business, law, finance or engineering. Saxion has more than 27,000 students, making it one of the biggest institutions for higher education in the country!

© Photo: Reinier van Willigen