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Born on the 16th of October 1989, Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the largest interdisciplinary, volunteer-lead student association in Europe. Spanning more than 500 sections in 44 countries and involving more than 15.000 active members, ESN’s sole goal is to offer its services to students. 

This is very nice, for a business-like explanation: numbers, a mission, you get the gist. So why don’t we just get into the interesting stuff? With ESN Twente, you’ll always have something to do:

Fun activities? We got you! Day trips? Definitely! Parties? You bet! 

But above all that, we’ll make you feel welcome and guide you through your experience in a new country. We’ve been here and know how difficult it can be, being a whole new place where you barely know anyone, with classes and heaps of work. But hey, we also know that with just a bit of help, this is only the beginning of one of the greatest phases of your life. So, take our helping hand, let your hair loose and enjoy it to the fullest with ESN Twente!

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ESN Twente Bastille 329A, 7522 NL Enschede, The Netherlands
Office Hours : Wednesdays and Fridays 12:30 - 13:45