how to find a room in enschede twente university of twente

Housing Options

There are different options to find a room in Enschede. Don't worry! It sounds more complicated than it is! :-) We will give you an overview of the different options and explain some of them carefully! So here you get all the tips to understand the housing situation in Enschede and all the links to find your room!

Furnished accommodation (mostly temporary)

1. Furnished room/apartment on Campus or in the city center (ITC international Hotel or Stadsweide) offered by the University of Twente
2. Furnished room on Campus or in the city (mostly for subtenancy)

Unfurnished accommodation (mostly permanent)

1. Self-contained room/apartment on Campus
2. Room on campus in Dutch student house
3. Room in Dutch student house in the city
4. Room in international student house in the city
5. Self-contained room/apartment in the city

Furnished options for international students offered by University of Twente

Check these two links for the furnished options offered by the University of Twente:

How can I find a room on my own?

Check the following link for detailed information about finding a room on your own:

Coming as an international student to the Netherlands living in a Dutch shared flat is a great opportunity to learn the Dutch language and to get to know the Dutch culture. The rooms on Campus and most of the rooms in the city center are unfurnished. You don’t have furniture, but are looking for a permanent room? Don’t worry a lot of students want to sell their furniture when they move out. Otherwise you can buy second hand furniture on Facebook or new furniture at Ikea, which is very close to Enschede. Another option can be subtenancy. In case you only stay for a short term subtenancy (room will be furnished) is a great opportunity. A lot of students go abroad for a short term, just as you do. To find a furnished room for subtenancy you can check out the facebook groups (links further down) or housing anywhere (  

Unfurnished self-contained room/apartment on Campus

De Veste also offers unfurnished self-contained rooms or apartments on Campus, for example in the Sky building. They are very popular and you have to be both quick and lucky to get the free room/apartment. When De Veste has got a free room/apartment they will post it on their website and Facebook. If you are interested in the room you have to mail De Veste within 24 hours that you want the room. De Veste will choose one of the applicants randomly. The accomodation will be assigned by lot.

Process of applying

1. Register on De Veste Website (
2. Follow De Veste on Facebook ( - smart hint: activate notifications about new posts
3. You want the room/apartment? Follow the instructions in the Facebook post: you will need to fill in your first name, last name, current address, date of birth and phone number within 24 hours after the Facebook post. The subject of your email should be the address of the vacant room/apartment.
4. When you have been chosen randomly you will receive an email with a request to pay the room/apartment within 7 days.

Unfurnished room in a Dutch student house on Campus

The campus of the University of Twente is famous for their Dutch “woongroepen” (shared flats). Students live together in a student house and next to common areas the students share their daily life. Most of the Dutch woongroepen eat together every evening, spend time together and become a real Campus family. This is a nice opportunity to get to know the Dutch culture and to learn Dutch. Living in a Campus woongroep you should be open to eat together, cook for your roommates (in Dutch: huisgenoten) and yourself when it's your turn and to spend time with your roommates.

Because the woongroepen on the Campus really care about their home atmosphere they choose their roommates carefully. This system is called co-optation. This means that you have to apply for the room. If the woongroep residents think that you’re the perfect roommate they will accept you. Since a lot of people want to live on Campus, the woongroep residents can be very picky at choosing their roommate. Thus to be accepted you have to tell something about yourself (e.g hobbies, interests, expectations of living together) to give the woongroep residents a picture of yourself. Writing an email with “I want to see the room” probably will not be enough. If the woongroep residents like your email they will invite you to see the room and to introduce yourself personally - a kamerzoekgesprek (room interview). In case your are still in your home country and have no possibility to come around to see the room you can ask the woongroep to have a skype meeting instead. If they think you fit in the woongroep they will accept you and you will get the free room. Please don’t be frustrated if the first woongroep doesn't accept you. Don’t give up! Try to contact as many woongroepen as possible.

Process of applying

1. Register on De Veste website (
2. Search for free rooms on campus – choose the option “with co-optation”
3. Contact the woongroepen of your choice
Click on the link on the left to see the house/room details and click on the right link to receive information about the woongroep. On this site the woongroepen has the possibility to write a short text about them. Please note that a lot of flats do not provide enough information about the flat and the available room. Some flats provide an email-adress. In case there is no email address you have to call the flat to make an appointment. To find the contact information click on the link at the end of the description o
As already mentioned above - write a nice email to introduce yourself to the residents of the flat. In case you have to call try to find some nice words and already prepare some dates for a (skype) meeting.
4. (Skype) Room “interview”
In case you convinced the woongroup with your email or call the first barrier is passed! Yeah! At the (Skype) meeting the woongroep will ask you some questions about yourself and will also introduce themselves. The meeting serves to get to know each other and to see if the “chemistry is right”. Keep calm! This is not a job interview! Just be yourself!

If the woongroep does not chose you as their roommate do not give up! And continue looking for a room. Keep calm and try again :-)!

Unfurnished room in a Dutch / international student house in the city

There are a lot of Dutch student houses in the city. Furthermore there are a lot of international student houses in the city. There are different organizations and websites to look for a room. Some of the websites are for free while others are not. In the alternative accomdation handbook of the University of Twente ( you can find an overview of the different organizations and websites (check page 9).

A lot of international student houses, but also some Dutch student houses also make use of Facebook to find a new roommate. Check the following Facebook groups. Please note that most houses are quite picky at choosing their roommates. Thus write a nice message about yourself and not only that you want to see the room. In most of the cases there will be co-optation as well. Thus, maybe you will have to do a (skype) room interview as well.  
⇒ this is a German* group, but some offers are also in English. Furthermore you can use the Facebook translate function to understand the offers

* Since Germany is close to Enschede a lot of German students come to Enschede. There are a lot of German student houses in Enschede. 
⇒ this an English speaking group for apartment / room offers
⇒ this English speaking group is not a real group for offering rooms, but sometimes you can also find room offers in this group  
⇒ this English speaking group is mainly used for selling furniture and other stuff, but sometimes you can also find room offers in this group
⇒ English speaking official ESN group. Sometimes you can find room offers in this group
⇒ English speaking group with mainly Saxion Students. You can also find UT students and offers for accomodation on campus.

We really hope that this information guide gives you some help to understand the room situation in Enschede and maybe even find your perfect room! If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us :-)